We know this is a lot to read through, but we aspire to be transparent in all of our interactions with our clients. Because we value YOU, we want to be sure that you know how we do things here at Sound Sanctuary!


We price by the piece rather than by the hour because we prefer that you know exactly what to expect when you’re checking out. You’ll receive a quote after we get ALL necessary information. Because many things go into creating lasting tattoos that you’ll love forever, we highly recommend a consultation appointment to discuss your idea, size, placement, and any other relevant aspects of your desired tattoo.

Consultations: Consultation appointments are $50. When you schedule a consultation appointment, the system blocks 30 minutes on our schedule to discuss your idea, including placement, inks used, styles you like, review any reference or inspiration pictures, etc.

We may not need to discuss your idea for a full hour, but we like to allocate that time in case you have LOTS of ideas you’d like to incorporate in your piece.

When needed, we’ll block up to 30 additional minutes to more thoroughly discuss your vision (typically for planning very detailed or large pieces). However, please be considerate of our time, as we often have other appointments after consultations, and we always do our best to have everything ready before our next client comes in.

Minimum Charge Policy: Our shop minimum is $60, outside of any flash sales during specific days. This applies per person getting tattooed, per session. This typically covers small, simple custom tattoos, as well as designs from our every day flash book. The minimum covers time and expense of all single-use supplies and ensures a sanitary area at all times. Our minimum is the lowest amount we will charge for any tattoo and is non-negotiable.

Please note that any tattoo that takes more than 30 minutes OR includes color will automatically cost more than the shop minimum.

Please let your artist know while booking your appointment if you have any financial concerns/restrictions, or prior engagements at the time of booking that might interfere with your appointment.

Flash Appointments/Individual Artist Sales: When we run sales of any kind, you must schedule according to instructions found in our social media posts and on our FLASH website page. Instructions typically includes things like letting us know what designs you want and if you want color added, but always includes which designs will be available.

Please see social media posts or FLASH website page for further details BEFORE reaching out. If you do not follow instructions for booking, your appointment may be denied and any deposit placed will not be refunded.

Tipping is addressed more in depth below, but during any sale 15% of your total will automatically be added as a tip at checkout to ensure that your artist is making at least minimum wage and that we are able to continue doing individual artist sales/flash sales at Sound Sanctuary. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO TIP ON A CARD, please tell your artist you will be tipping in cash/virtual payment and confirm that they are given their tip before you leave. If a tip was not received, we will charge the 15% tip to the card on file, so be sure to communicate and make arrangements with your artist.

Artwork Policy: We will NEVER undertake ANY racist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive tattoos. If you bring an idea that is overtly offensive or could be misconstrued as such, we reserve the right to deny your appointment with no refund of any kind.

We will not begin working on ANY custom designs until a deposit is placed and appointment has been added to our calendar.

We will do our best to email a mockup of your design by the day before your session so you are able to preview it and send any requests for revision as soon as possible. Any minor revisions that stay within the idea discussed at the consultation can be made on the day of your appointment.

If you make major changes to your tattoo design (idea, placement, entire concept, or any excessive revisions are required), you may be required to rescheduled and a new deposit will be required.
Custom Tattoo Policy: Out of respect for original artists, we reserve the right to make changes to any reference images as to not copy or duplicate any artwork, custom tattoo, or tattoo design. This applies to custom tattoos we have created for our clients as well as tattoos or other images found online or elsewhere that someone else has created. If you are madly in love with a piece that an artist (in shop or elsewhere) has done, please ask the artist to create something similar or inspired by that tattoo for you OR request a “tattoo token” for the design to be tattooed on you. KEEP IN MIND, we can (and prefer to) customize designs presented as inspiration pictures to create something new and unique to you.

This does not apply to flash sale designs that have been designed by artists contracted with Sound Sanctuary Tattoos, which can be duplicated, with or without any customizations, outside of flash sale days.

Deposit Policy: Deposits are required for EVERY appointment, as it holds time on your artist’s schedule. The remaining balance of quoted total will be due after your session. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Deposits will be applied towards the final cost of your tattoo session.

Deposits are forfeited if you:
    ⁃    no-show for an appointment
    ⁃    cancel with less than 48 hours advance notice
    ⁃    reschedule an appointment more than twice
    ⁃    arrive for an appointment more than 30 minutes late
    ⁃    arrive for an appointment without proper ID
    ⁃    arrive intoxicated or otherwise unable to be tattooed
    ⁃    request excessive last minute changes to the design or change the entire concept
    ⁃    do not complete your tattoo (for which you placed a deposit) within two years
    ⁃    decide not to get the tattoo

If you forfeit a deposit, you will be required to leave a new deposit before booking any new appointments. Deposits may not be transferred to another person or for use with a different tattooer in the shop.

Touch Up Policy: Complimentary touch ups, though previously our standard practice, will now be $25 to cover setup cost regardless of any prior agreement with your artist. Any future complimentary touch ups are at the sole discretion of the tattoo artist on a case by case basis due to a major increase in supply costs.

Touch-ups should be done by the original artist who did the tattoo (unless the tattoo is on a non-guaranteed body part, see below). Touch ups cannot be done until the tattoo is fully healed (read AFTER YOUR SESSION section for more info on expected healing time).

Touch ups due to client failure or negligence to follow our aftercare procedures, as well as any add-ons to originally agreed upon tattoos, are not comped and will be charged the same rate as a new tattoo. The price for these sessions will be determined by your artist.

Please note: HEALING RESULTS OF TATTOOS ON THE HEAD, FACE, GENITALS, FEET, OR HANDS (INCLUDING FINGERS) CANNOT BE GUARANTEED AND WILL NOT BE ELIGLE FOR FREE TOUCH UPS AT ANY TIME. If your tattoo is on a non-guaranteed body part it will probably need multiple touch ups and may be charged as a new tattoo ($60+) each time.
Refund Policy: NO REFUNDS will be given for ANY reason. In the unlikely event that an artist makes a mistake on your tattoo, it is the duty of the artist to fix it for either the touch-up rate of $25 OR fix it for free, depending on individual circumstances. There is always something we can do to fix an error. Please contact the studio as soon as possible to allow us to find the best solution.

Cancellation Policy: All appointments require a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellation. If cancelled with over 48 hours notice, your deposit may be applied to a future appointment. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
Reschedule Policy: All appointments require at least 48 hours notice to reschedule.  If at least 48 hours notice is given, your deposit may be applied to your new appointment.  If an appointment is rescheduled more than twice, your deposit will be forfeited.
Late Policy: Please let us know as soon as possible via email ([email protected]) if you are running late for an appointment. If you are over 30 minutes late for an appointment, you may lose your appointment and be required to reschedule and leave a new deposit.

No Show Policy: We understand that life happens, but if you don’t show up for your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited in order to reimburse the artist for the time blocked on their schedule for you. We’ll reach out via email to see if you’d like to reschedule after a missed appointment, which will require you to place a new deposit for the new time slot on the schedule. However, after a second no-show appointment, you will no longer be able to book an appointment without paying in full for your session. If any paid-in-full appointments are no-shown, the entire amount will be forfeited. There is a limit of 5 total missed appointments before we will flag your name/account and no longer book you in.

Tips: Tipping varies greatly from shop to shop and client to client. Tips are expected, as this is a service rendered, but are not required if your artist does not deliver what was previously agreed upon. If you are happy with your design, please tip your artist accordingly.

Tipping for tattoos in Arizona is an average of 25% of your total tattoo cost, but you can tip more or less than 25%. Any amount of tip is greatly appreciated and goes directly to your artist. Cash tips are always a bonus so your artist doesn’t have to wait for pay day, but you can also leave a tip on a credit/debit card. You may also tip your artist through a preferred virtual payment method that works for both of you. Please discuss with your artist directly during your session if you’d like to tip virtually.

Forms of Payment Accepted: We accept card only (through our secure booking system website) while booking your session, unless you book your tattoo appointment during a consultation, in which case cash may be used.

We accept cash or debit/credit cards at checkout after your session. We no longer accept virtual payment options like Zelle, CashApp, PayPal, or Venmo.

Our system automatically saves your card information, so if you’d like to use the same card, we can run your approved amount. Don’t worry, we can only see the name on the card and the last 4 digits, we will never charge your card without your permission to do so, and we will always verify the amount being charged to the card. We will never ever ever (ever ever) sell or share your card information.

Please note that if you attempt to leave without paying (without first arranging a payment with your artist), we reserve the right to charge the card on file for the remaining amount of the appointment, plus an automatic 50% tip. Further, if any amount is disputed through your bank and the charge is considered within our Terms and Conditions as being appropriately charged, you will be banned from booking further appointments with us.

Once you have filled out a consent form, have the stencil on, and confirmed that we are good to get started, no further changes will be made to the design. All changes must be talked about before the needle hits your skin.

Fonts & Lettering: If you are incorporating text or lettering into your tattoo you’ll need to decide on a font. Fonts (or typefaces) refer to  the style of lettering used. If you need help choosing a font, please be sure to let your artist know while scheduling your session.

When selecting a font keep in mind that more intricate/detailed fonts sometimes need to be bigger than you might anticipate to account for proper spacing and aging of the tattoo. The area of your body that you’re getting the lettering piece in can also play a part in size and font, so try to have an open mind if your artist suggests any modifications to the tattoo.

There are thousands and thousands of fonts out there so to help you decide we recommend using Dafont.com or 1001fonts.com. Search through the site and find your favorite, as well as a backup or two.

Please note that in our intake form that you’ll be required fill out prior to your tattoo session, we explicitly state that we are not liable for misspelled or otherwise incorrect lettering. You will need to review the tattoo after the stencil has been placed. Once given the “go ahead”, we will do the piece as it has been stenciled.

You may bring ONE guest to accompany you while you get tattooed. Any additional guests must be pre-approved by your artist. Your guests must be over the age of 18. Out of respect for other clients getting tattooed who need to relax as well as the artists who need to focus on their tattooing work, any excess guests may be asked to leave. If any guests are disruptive to the session or overall environment in the shop, they will be asked to leave. Children or minors are not permitted in the tattooing area. Be aware that tattoo shops are intended for adults only and even an accompanied minor in the lobby area may be exposed to some nudity or hear adult language while present.

Pets are prohibited from being in the tattooing area to due health code concerns. Service animals are permitted in the lobby area and must not be left unattended at any time. In the event that a service animal should need to be closer to you during your session, you must provide proof of their service certificate.

At your appointment, you’ll be required to fill out a consent form. You’ll be expected to disclose information about health conditions and medications in order to keep yourself and your artist safe. These forms are stored in accordance with record-keeping requirements from the statetat and disposed of in line within their guidelines. Completed forms are kept in locked storage and shredded when no longer needed.

We will never share personal/health information. Anything discussed during your interactions with us is confidential and we do everything in our power to keep it that way!

Please note that certain conditions, medications, or medical histories can mean we won’t be able to tattoo you. If you have any concerns about your ability to be tattooed due to medical issues or medications, please bring this up with your artist prior to booking your appointment, as we care about your well-being and we do not offer refunds for any reason.

We will not tattoo you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You must wait at least 2 weeks after ANY vaccine to be tattooed.

For any operations, chemo, ongoing hospital treatment, medication, or anything else you’re not sure about, please consult with your GP, and check with us before booking in.

Minor Policy
: If you’re over 18, you’re all good!

If you’re not yet 18, it’s important for you to know that Arizona state law prohibits minors from being tattooed without a parent or guardian present for the entire session. Our shop’s policy is that you must be at least 16 and have a parent or guardian present, along with proof of guardianship. Minor AND GUARDIAN must provide valid government issued photo ID in order to get tattooed, and a birth certificate is highly preferred. IF EMANCIPATED, you must provide proof of emancipation (court documents stating emancipation has been completed) in order to be tattooed.

Not all artists in the shop will tattoo minors, so it’s important to include the fact that you’re under 18 when submitting your initial request. Failure to do so can result in your appointment being cancelled day-of appointment and deposit will be forfeited.
To review our before/during/after recommendations prior to your appointment, click here.